Episode III

Under a Black Sun

After dispatching of Bandin Dobah, the crew of the Voidrunner has created a power vaccum in Formos and are eager to establish themselves in his place as controllers of the local smuggling operations. But trust and respect are not earned so easily. Success in the spice trade requires, among other things, good relations with the Pyke Sindicate, who control the spice distribution network through most of the Galaxy.

As a demonstration of “good will” the Pykes request that the crew identify and and capture a Black Sun agent that stole a spice shipment and fled toward Coruscant. As the resident hunters in the crew, IG-404 and Calmar set out for Coruscant, accompanied by R5-Q7. Finding that they must first obtain encrypted files directly from Dark Sun headquarters, they hire professional thief Triskellus Khaine to help them.

The crew is successful in obtaining the data files, but are discovered while fleeing the facility, and must evade Black Sun enforcers and Coruscant Police droids in a high speed chase through the speeder lanes of the Imperial capital.

Decrypting the file, they discover their quarry is Kaa’to Leeachos, a Nikto bounty hunter with a deadly and reckless reputation. On a tip form their Pyke contact in Coruscant, the crew infiltrates the offices of Zelcomm Industries, a shipping company and front for Black Sun and learn that Leeahos is in the midst of smuggling in weapons. It is also discovered that it was Leeachos who set IG-404 up to take a fall for the attempted assassination of an Imperial loyalist, leaving the droid with an open criminal record.

The crew trace Leeachos to a run down kelerium processing plant and capture him alive, as well as recovering the stolen spice. Both bounty hunter and spice are turned over to the Pykes, securing a business relationship between the two organizations.



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