Bounty Hunter Droid


OBLIGATION: 15 points
5 points – Criminal record as a former agent of Black Sun
10 points – Bounty on its head from Black Sun for defecting


My Vigo created me using parts salvaged from an IG-100 and IG-86. The torso of the IG-100 was too badly damaged to attempt repairs, while the primary circuitry and torso were the only parts of the IG-86 that were still usable. My Vigo had a slight sense of humor and programmed me to address most organics as Meatbags. I served the Black Suns loyally for years as an assassin and bodyguard. My Vigo would often reward me with cybernetic upgrades, gear, and training.

There’s a standing order within the Black Sun that no Vigo can engage against the Empire unless the Underlord directly commands it.

I was given an assignment by my Vigo to assassinate someone in their home. I arrived to find that the target was an Imperial loyalist. I hesitated momentarily to contact my handler and verify the assignment given the Underlord’s standing order.

That was long enough for someone to hit me with an ion rifle and incapacitate me. I was reactivated and found myself in Imperial custody. I was forced to turn evidence on my handler and my Vigo to avoid being deactivated. They still confiscated most of my gear and upgrades as evidence. Once i was released I fled to the outer rim and Hutt space in the hope of getting beyond the reach of the Black Suns who have most likely sent bounty hunters to find me for turning on them.

I now use the skills I gained from my days as an assassin to freelance as a bounty hunter. I do my best to avoid attracting the attention of the Black Sun bounty hunters, while searching for the Meatbag that betrayed me. Recently I was hunting an aqualish by the name of Bandin Dobah when my rival Trax ambushed me and took me offline.


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