Twi'lek Enforcer


Yokkiwih is a female Twi’lek warrior with purple skin. She favors a heavy blaster in each hand.


Initially an attendant and dancing girl for a young Hutt heir, Yokkiwih proved too defiant and assertive for that role. The head of the family saw some potential in her and rather than being given severe punishment, Yokkiwih was instead trained as a warrior. This never sat well with the house’s heir and when he at last came to power he sold her to Teemo.

Years later, Yokkiwih saw a kindred spirit in Teemo’s newly acquired body guard, Jakarr and rather than see him face the life of servitude, secretly helped him escape. For reasons she keeps to herself, she chooses to stay in Teemo’s service and turned down the opportunity to join Jakarr in his flight.

When the crew refused to hand Jakarr over at the last minute and fled from Teemo’s palace, Yokkiwih pursued as was her duty. However once in the corridors outside the main audience chamber, Diggo Banak, noticed her inexplicably turn her blasters on one or Teemo’s guards to aid their eacape. Not knowing of their connection to Jakkar, he could attribute no reason to this.


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