Atromech Droid


R5-Q7 (Q-Seven or “Q-Sev” to its friends) is an R5 astromech droid with a dun colored body, trimmed in green.

OBLIGATION: 15 points
5 points – Gambling addiction
5 points – Betrayed his last owner.
5 point – Family obligation to funnel credits to his first owner’s children.


After a long series of owners, Q-Seven found itself in the service of an abusive junk dealer in Mos Shuuta, whom it came to hate with a passion not often seen in droids. So when the crew showed up to con its master out of a hyperdrive part, Q-Seven was happy to join them in their escape. Q-Seven installed the part but temporarily deactivated it when the bounty hunter Trax made to leave its new friend’s behind.

R5-Q7 is a skilled mechanic and slicer, but has a bit of a gambling problem, a quirk it picked up from a former master who used it to count cards at sabacc and slice computerized games. Apparently the gambling directive has endured every attempt at reprogramming and survived at least two complete memory wipes.


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