Jax Kigra

Human Explorer


OBLIGATION: 20 points
10 points – Obsession with being the best driver
10 points – Bounty on his head for steeling property


They say “never owe a hutt.” Because you’ll end up owning far more then lent. To the extent of never being able to repay the dept. well owing money to a junkyard scrapper nearly as bad. For you to understand, let me go back a while.

See I grew up on Corellia, had a typical child hood racing speeder bikes, well actually racing pretty much anything that moved. Actually I developed addiction to racing it’s quite hard of me to pass up a race high or low stakes any thing for some quick creds.

Corsec didn’t like us racers and eventually began to crack down on the unsanctioned events. It didn’t take long to build up a rap sheet, with a negative history like that made it impossible to get on the legit circuit. I knew that I needed to get off the core to race so I took a salvage job. The money wasn’t great but it was steady. And an occasional race here and there helped padd the wallet.

I eventually made a name for myself as a decent operator and got hired on to a salvage operation flying around Corellia looking for junk usually the odd speeder or air ship crash that had an owner to aggressive on it or unable to maintain it. We also had a small space salvage department where we patrolled the hyper space lane grabbing the junk capital ships dumped and occasionally further out.

It was during one of these scrap hunt Thai was alone and there it was an old yt1000 intact we’ll except for the cockpit. It looked like the victim of pirates or may be a black-market trade gone wrong. I took the opportunity and secretly towed the vessel planet side where I secretly began to refurbish the incapacitated ship.

After a few years I was able to get it pretty much in working order well except for the missing cockpit. When I came across a biped worker walker with drill arms I noticed that it’s egress was in the back and in a flash of spacer ingenuity was able to ghoul the two together. It was perfect for salvaging. I could on my scrap disconnect the walker from the ship load up then connect back to the ship and go sell my product. I even managed to connect a remote slave to the walker so in emergencies I could fly the ship to me.

Just as it looked like I was going to go into business on my own some how my former employer got wind of my side end evers and decided I owe him the full price of a walker and ship. Turns out he has legal connections and was able to convince a judge that I owed him plus interest. After I realized I wouldn’t be able to pay him back salvaging I jumped system and have been taking the odd “job” it’s not what I grew up wanting to be, but a scrapper wasn’t really on the top of my list either. It keeps me flying is all I care about.

Jax Kigra

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