Klatoonian Hired Gun


OBLIGATION: 10 points
5 points – Betrayal of obligation to serve the Hutts
5 points – Favor to the person who helped him escape


As a young Klatooinian Jarkarr knew the day would come when he would one day have to join the service of a Hutt. Though this was the way of his people, this was not the way his family elders wanted it to be.

Coming from a long line of line of religious leaders his father was preparing Jakarr to take his place as a leader of his people. As a child Jakarr, like all children, was educated to think and believe the Hutts were the Ancients of myth and legend. However, Jakarr’s family knew the truth. As a religious leader and keeper of one of the sacred scroll fragments, Jakarr’s father like his father before him and his fathers father all the way back to the begining of the Great Purge knew the truth.

Because of this knowledge they were among the organizers and leader of the growing movement of Klatooinians seeking to break from the Hutt control. With the coming of the Emperials, Jakarr’s family and a select group of other influencial Klatooinians began to funnel the Emperials leaders information about the Hutts activities hoping that they would disrupt, if not, end the Hutts control and influence in this sector.

However, what happend was quite a different story. The Emperials used this information to sell out the Klatooinians in order to strengthen their influence with the Hutts and increase their foothold in this sector. The elders of Jakarr’s family, the other religious leaders, and their twi’lek allies were round up and forced to fight in the pits for the Hutts amusment. Had his father not sent him away to live with dear friends and commanded him to take their name Jakarr may have very well shared their fate.

After completing his education, Jakarr was determined to escape and become a great warrior then return home and avenge his family. However, before he could set his plan into motion the Hutts ambtious heir, Gor’Fen, poisoned the Hutt and took control from his father. In reaction to rumors of a pending escape attempt Gor’Fen sold Jakarr and his other Klatooinians as well as a female twi’lek to the shrewd and greedy Teemo the Hutt on Tatooine. There Teemo had Jakarr trained for his personal body gaurd, because of his races ferocious reputation in combat.

Shortly after compeleting his body guard training on Tatooine, and still determined be free of the yoke of Hutt slavery, Jakarr managed to escape with the secret aid of one of Teemo’s enforcers, a Twi’lek female named Yokkiwih.


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