Zukata & Netakka Godon

Rodian Siblings


Zukata, the older female sibling is a scholar. She is very attractive by Rodian standards, and even cable of catching the eye of males of other species. She has the green skin typical of most Rodians and a light brown crest of hair. She speaks eloquently and has a very even demeanor.

Netakka, the younger male sibling is pilot and amatuer bounty hunter. He has blue skin and an indigo colored crest of hair. He has a very casual demeanor and can be rash and impulsive at times. He usually has a blaster openly holstered at his hip.


The crew encounter the Godons during their initial caper at Formos. The siblings had come in search of an astromech droid said to posses the most complete and accurate astrogation database of the outer rim.

Netakka arrived first and upon discovering it was in the hands of smugglers working for the Aqualish pirate Bandin Dobah, decided, rather rashly, to confront Dobah himself and collect the bounty on his head to boot. Unfortunately, he was captured by Dobah’s crew and held captive.

Zukata arrived at Formos about the same time at the crew. Calmar, seemed instantly smitten from across the room and when, by chance, one of Dobah’s thugs leered at her, Calmar shot him dead, promting a series of confrontations between Dobah’s men and the crew.

Ultimately, the crew located the missing astromech and Netakka, reuniting the siblings and earning a commission for finding the droid (but not before R5-Q7 copied its astrogation data).

Zukata & Netakka Godon

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