Lt. Bernard Crix

Imperial Outpost Officer


Crix is a tall, lean Imperial officer with shifty eyes who has a way of speaking without saying much. At least not openly.


Lt. Crix commands the unit of Imperial troops garrisoned at the Formos Spaceport. He reports to the commanding officer at Kessell Prison. Crix is very aloof and he and his men tend to turn a blind eye to the local smuggling and other underworld activities that occur on Formos, as long as it stays out of sight. Whether he is lazy, corrupt, or simply aware that he and his men are far too outnumbered to actually crack down on the locals is hard to say.

After witnessing the aftermath of the crew wiping out Bandin Dobah’s local gang of enforcers, he simply shrugged and offered to arrange for the crew to lease the gang’s now abandoned warehouse.

Lt. Bernard Crix

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