Rodian Explorer & Big Game Hunter


OBLIGATION: 15 points
5 points – Obsessed with the hunt
10 points – Debt owed to the Hutts

Rodian culture is obsessed with violence and death, due to behaviors and practices that have been ingrained since their earliest ancestry. Their densely-packed jungle homeworld is ill-suited for agriculture, requiring Rodians to compete with vicious predators for most of their food. Some of these predators, such as ghests, could wipe out entire Rodian villages. As the Rodians developed cunning hunting tactics to survive, the hunt became central to their culture.


Known throughout 7 systems as an expert tracker and big game hunter, Calmar, spent much of his childhood on Kashyyyk at the Rodian Hunting Grounds established by his grandfather Sordaan Xris. After his grandfather failed to kill the legendary Kkorrwrot, Calmar left the system in disgrace.

Since that time, Calmar has taken an oath to restore his family’s good name. To do so, he must continue the hunt until he meets a prey that can, in his eyes and the eyes of his fellow rodians, restore his family’s honor.

Until he finds such a creature, Calmar, seeks to hone his skills by taking up work as a tracker and sharp shooter. Given his characteristically-large eyes that are indicative of a primarily-nocturnal ancestry he is capable of seeing into the infra-red spectrum. This allows him to visually detect the body heat of hidden prey, making him increasingly deadly in low light situations.

Calmar has become so enthralled with the hunt that he now instinctively reacts to gain an advantage in any situation to get what he wants. While he is not naturally one to chase after those of the fairer sex, he cannot help but act out of instinct when he encounters a beautiful rodian.. More than one suitor (intentional or casual) has met his end when approaching those Calmar deems to be worthy mate.

Given Calmar’s lack of moral restraint, the Hutts have found an extremely beneficial resource and he has now become embroiled in the feuds between the Hutt families. He has also recently found himself indebted to a Hutt family of unknown origins and seeks to repay this debt, before his debt is turned in for a favor at the request of the unknown benefactor.

Only the future can tell what will become of Calmar, the Xris family heritage, and his new found companions.


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