Bandin Dobah - DECEASED

Aqualish Pirate & Smuggler


Bandin Dobah was a brutish Aqualish pirate captain and smuggler.


Dobah was a notorious and much-feared pirate in his youth. As he grew older, he turned to smuggling and built a ring of semi-independent smuggling crews in the vicinity of Kessell. He was quite successful – enough so that a dead or alive bounty was placed on his head by the Empire. His success also cut into the interests of the Hutts, so much so that Teemo the Hutt also put a bounty on his head.

The crew stumbled onto Dobah’s turff by chance when they stopped on Formos and learned that no operations went on without the permission of Dobah, or without giving the Aqualish his cut. By the end of it all, the crew had killed or captured all of Dobah’s crew, leaving a power vacuum in the local smuggling community.

They turned over Dobah to Teemo in exchange for having the bounties on their own heads cancelled and finding themselves once again in the good graces of the Hutts. They witnessed Dobah die in Temmo’s gladiatorial pit.

As it turned out, Dobah’s first mate was also an Aqualish, whose body the crew presented to the Empire as the remains of Dobah himself, collecting that bounty as well.

Bandin Dobah - DECEASED

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