Episode III
Under a Black Sun

After dispatching of Bandin Dobah, the crew of the Voidrunner has created a power vaccum in Formos and are eager to establish themselves in his place as controllers of the local smuggling operations. But trust and respect are not earned so easily. Success in the spice trade requires, among other things, good relations with the Pyke Sindicate, who control the spice distribution network through most of the Galaxy.

As a demonstration of “good will” the Pykes request that the crew identify and and capture a Black Sun agent that stole a spice shipment and fled toward Coruscant. As the resident hunters in the crew, IG-404 and Calmar set out for Coruscant, accompanied by R5-Q7. Finding that they must first obtain encrypted files directly from Dark Sun headquarters, they hire professional thief Triskellus Khaine to help them.

The crew is successful in obtaining the data files, but are discovered while fleeing the facility, and must evade Black Sun enforcers and Coruscant Police droids in a high speed chase through the speeder lanes of the Imperial capital.

Decrypting the file, they discover their quarry is Kaa’to Leeachos, a Nikto bounty hunter with a deadly and reckless reputation. On a tip form their Pyke contact in Coruscant, the crew infiltrates the offices of Zelcomm Industries, a shipping company and front for Black Sun and learn that Leeahos is in the midst of smuggling in weapons. It is also discovered that it was Leeachos who set IG-404 up to take a fall for the attempted assassination of an Imperial loyalist, leaving the droid with an open criminal record.

The crew trace Leeachos to a run down kelerium processing plant and capture him alive, as well as recovering the stolen spice. Both bounty hunter and spice are turned over to the Pykes, securing a business relationship between the two organizations.

Episode II
Trouble Brewing

After escaping from Mos Shuuta and the wrath of Teemo the Hutt, the crew discoverers a deactivated IG model assassin droid hidden in the cargo hold of The Voidrunner. Warily reactivating it, they are introduced to bounty hunter IG-404, a forma rival of Trax that the Trandoshan ambushed and took offline.

Setting down on the planet Formos, the crew becomes embroiled in the search for a renowned astromech droid said to have to most complete astrogation database of the outer rims. The local smugglers have been vying for it for some time. They also encounter Zukata Godon, who is also searching for the droid as well as her missing brother, Netakka.

The crew engage in a tavern brawl with a gang of local thugs who serve as enforcers for Bandin Dobah, an Aqualish pirate captain and smuggler who runs the local smuggling operations. Learning that Dobah has both an Imperial bounty as well as one offered by Teemo, and that Netakka had gone after Dobah himself never to return, they decide to bring the pirate in.

After forcing the location of Dobah’s asteroid hideout from his top enforcer and locating the prized astromech droid, the crew infiltrates the base’s defensed with a stolen pass code, taking the pirates by surprise and rescuing Netakka in the process.

Victorious, the crew returns Netakka to his sister and collect a finder’s fee for the droid (but not before taking its astrogation data for themselves). They negotiate an exchange of Dobah with Teemo for the cancellation of the bounties on their own heads and find themselves in the good graces of the Hutts once again. Not to leave any opportunity unexplored, the crew also presents the body of Dobah’s first mate (also an Aqualish) as that of the Dobah himself and claim the Imperial bounty as well.

The crew set themselves up in Formos Station and prepare to capitalize on the power vacuum now left in the smuggling community…

Episode I
Escape from Mos Shuuta

Having aided in the recapture of Jakarr and returning him to Mos Shuuta on Tatooine, smuggler Diggo and game hunter Calmar have a sudden change of heart and refuse to hand their captive over to Teemo the Hutt.

Fleeing Teemo’s estate and in need of a hyperdrive component for The Voidrunner, the trio rob a misanthropic junk dealer of the the part and abscond with his much-abused astromech droid, R5-Q7.

As R5-Q7 delivers and installs the part, the others must get the ship cleared for takeoff before Teemo’s thugs can catch up. The group infiltrates the spaceport command center and then orchestrates an Imperial takeover of the city to distract from their escape.

Calmar and Diggo’s employer, the bounty hunter Trax attempts to leave them behind, but R5-Q7 disables the hyperdrive and Trax is slain in the ensuing shootout with the crew, leaving his ship at their disposal. The hyperdrive is reset and the ship takes off as Imperial stormtroopers begin to lockdown the city.

Once outside the atmosphere, the Voidrunner fights off a squad of TIE fighters before making the jump to hyperspace and the crew’s next adventure…


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